16 Year Old Manchester Artist Geko, Talks USG & K Koke as...

16 Year Old Manchester Artist Geko, Talks USG & K Koke as Mentor


Words: Caroline Simionescu-Marin
Interview: Sarah Harrison

Feeling fed up with the lack of support for up and coming artists in the community, the members of USG, a UK rap movement headed by former Roc Nation rapper K Koke, decided to take the music to the next level by forming their own company, USG Entertainment; an independent recording label and all-round entertainment company. One of the ideas behind the movement was to shed spotlight on the talented youngsters coming into the industry. Hailed a USG prodigy, meet 16 year old Manchester native Geko. We chatted to  Geko about the label, K Koke as a mentor and his latest tracks…

IMC: Why the name Geko?
Geko: Well at first it was a nickname. From there it just stuck!

IMC: Tell us how you became a part of the USG movement?
Geko: Well K Koke listened to one of my tunes and reached out. Then he did a uStream with fans and coincidentally picked me. He called me and I ended up spitting some bars over the phone, and straight after that he tweeted that he wanted me in USG.

IMC: So it was over twitter, in the public before you’d even heard about it? So what are you aiming at with the whole movement in general? Because within Britain we don’t really have those crews like MMG in the US.
Geko: Of course, we’re trying to pioneer it.

IMC: Being so young and shot into the public eye, have you felt vulnerable at times or has KK mentored you well?
Geko: It has actually been fine so far. I’m doing what I love.

IMC: Have you been able to get in the studio with any artists?
Geko: Yeah but right now I’m just trying to keep it USG.

IMC: Tell us about your debut track “Heartless.” You talk about heartbreak and love, how does it feel at your age to talk about things like that?
Geko: It’s a little bit complicated for me to do a track like that. But mostly I made it because I know it is relatable to a lot of people in similar situations. It’s more about the music and communicating with the audience then the actual content.

IMC: Who is your favourite MC right now?
Geko: Overall, it’s probably Jadakiss.

IMC: Love a bit of old school flavour! What about from the UK, apart from K Koke, who do you think has the potential to really break it?
Geko: DVS is my second favourite overall.

IMC: What’s next on the cards for you?
Geko: My latest track which has just been released called “Working” and an album hopefully in 2014. The EP is coming out this December as well.

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