An Interview With A Princess

An Interview With A Princess

The IMC Magazine chats it up with Nigerian Princess, Modupe Ozolua while in Atlanta, GA planning an African art gala. Learn more about the life of a Princess, her day job, lifestyle and musical tastes. It just might surprise you…
Words: Malcolm Randolf
People seem to have pre-conceived notions of a Princess, but you are quite the opposite of the stereotype. How so? 
As a child, my father always told me money isn’t the most important asset one has, it’s ones name. He also reminded me of the responsibilities that come with our bloodline. True royalty serves people, not the other way around.  Even though my mother was a Princess from her tribe called Ososo also in Edo State, both my parents were very simple, humble and way ahead of their time. Through them, I saw them live their lives with humility, discipline, honesty and compassion for others.
When I moved to America at 17, I got a job at McDonalds. I didn’t know how to cook before I came to America because we had chefs, maids and chauffeurs. My years going to school and living in America enable me learn to cook and became independent. Most especially, hard work doesn’t kill anyone but enable you earn your self-respect; which money can never buy.
How do you wind down? Which music artists are on your play list?
I love all types of music…rap, R&B, latin, house, classical, Arabic, French, Nigerian…i just love music. Always on repeat on my favorite playlist are Broken Sorrow by Nothin But Strinzs, Chandelier by Sia, C’est La Vie by Khaled, Diamonds by Rihanna, Don’t you worry child by Swedish House Mafia/John Martin, Formidable by Stromae, We dem boyz by Wiz Khalifa and much more.

Culturally what draws you to Atlanta?
I enjoy the diversity and “calmness” of Atlanta. It’s an interesting combination of different cultures, food, hospitality and music. The reception and support we have received from the Mayor’s office, individuals and corporate organizations in Atlanta have been extremely encouraging. This has made us decide to become “locals”. We are currently looking into having our Empower54 HQ here in Atlanta because of these reasons.
What does art mean to you? How do the paintings at your exhibit translate lyrically?
To me, Art is a unique way of communicating that cannot be verbally expressed. The pieces for our art auction illustrate so many images including paintings of women and children, survivors of terrorist attacks in North East Nigeria, true interpretations of African traditions and cultural.
There are so many different styles and mediums of paintings; we have a wonderful variety of pieces for every art lover.
What can we expect at your art gallery fundraiser?
On Saturday April 30th at the Besharat Gallery, you will experience a wonderful evening of art appreciation/auction, delicious food (Nigerian & continental), drinks, Nigerian music, and networking with US and international government officials, business people and celebrities while raising funds to help rebuild schools destroyed by terrorists in North East Nigeria.
How did you get Kat Graham involved?
We were introduced to her by the City of Atlanta because she is a dedicated humanitarian. She learnt about our organization and decided to get involved because of our credible history and dedication to what we do. She also did a video to promote our upcoming Art charity gala, which we greatly appreciate.

How can people get involved and help the cause?
Empower54 is a US registered non-profit and has a 501(c)3 tax exempt status. We need people to support us financially and also volunteer their skills. Medical personnel are needed for medical missions, volunteers to help with staying connected to the world, collection drives of books, toys, clothes, etc and of course, we need cash donations to execute programs.
You can purchase your tickets to attend the Empower54 Rise Above Terror Art Gala HERE! 
People that can’t attend can purchase tickets, receive a link to view all the pieces and bid online.  For people that wish to support us via donations, they can visit our website, and donate via different mediums available there. We certainly need all the support we can get. Please also follow us on social media below: