Artist Spotlight: Ever So Android

Artist Spotlight: Ever So Android [New Music & Interview]


Words: Raeven T. Bostic

Hailing from Seattle, Hope Simpson and Drew Murray of Ever So Android are two of the most electrifying people we’ve ever come across…literally and figuratively. Stepping on the music scene in 2011 with their self-titled EP, the duo is quickly climbing the ranks to rock royalty. Combining powerful and electrifying vocals [from lead singer Simpson], intrepid lyrics, and bold beats, Ever So Android is one of the best music groups rising to power.  We had a chance to chat with Ever So Android, where they dished on their beginning, musical inspirations, their new single “Leash” and much, much more.


1.) Tell us a little about yourself. Are you both originally from Seattle?

H: I’m from Seattle, Drew is from Philly. We met when I was working at a French pastry shop downtown and he came in one day and asked me about a tattoo I had, and he hasn’t stopped talking since [laughs].

2.) How did Ever So Android come about?

D: We were just friends for a while. I actually hadn’t played in a band for a while, I focused my attention elsewhere. And maybe a month or two after I met Hope, she was like ‘Hey can I play you this song?’ and it was like the only song she had ever written. I had never heard or sing and didn’t even know she could sing to be honest. She started playing this song and 8 seconds into it, I there was something there. So I played the guitar and took over the guitar parts and it started from there. It wasn’t planned at all.

3.) How long have you been a group?

D: About 3 years now. The first year, we were just acoustics because she’s like a soul singer and I’m like a rock guy, and we couldn’t find where that middle ground was, so we were just playing acoustics and writing.

4.)Who came up with the name ‘Ever So Android’ and what does it mean?

H: Drew came up with it. We made a list of words we liked…

D: Yeah we were just writing down all these ideas. But I think it means this disconnect with the world. How no one really communicates anymore and it’s just our entire society and culture is evolving and…

H: We’re turning into little robots.

D: Yeah, we didn’t have a purpose behind it. We just liked it but now, musically, our music is evolving around the name, so it’s pretty cool.

5.) You guys have a very rock infused sound. Who are your individual musical inspirations? Who are your inspirations as a group?

H: I find that my inspiration within the band is much different than my personal inspirations. I used to only listen to Erykah Badu, Cee-lo Green and Outkast… a lot of hip hop and neo soul. When I met Drew, I was getting kind of bored because I felt I understood the sound and was ready for something new. I started listening to completely different things and hanging out with him and my whole world of music exploded. Now I find that I’m really inspired by people like The Kills, The Dead Weather, Die Antward.

D: For me, none of my influences have anything to do with what I’m doing now. I’ve always thought I had real bluesy tendencies, but it’s not in my music. Growing up I listened to a lot of hardcore, punk, but nothing I really knew how to do worked in the group. We threw out like 60-70 songs the first 2 years…

H: No. That many? I’d say like 50 songs, 70 seems a little extra.

D: Well, I’ve never written that many songs and not used them. I would touch on one thing and she’d like it, and she’d touch on one thing and I’d like it. We really have this kind of idea of, ‘if you’re in a band, what’s the very best thing you can do with that group of people? Not ‘it’s all about the singer’ an the bassist and drummer don’t do anything. ‘

H: Something that highlights everybody’s strength.

D: Yeah, but I guess as a group, Diane Ward because they’re so rock and roll and so creative. It’s less about a sound for bands inspiring us, but more on the feel. The package.

6.) Is there a big rock scene up North?

D: I think there’s a scene up here, but we’re apart of our own scene. The scene up here, I don’t think is really reflective of what the majority likes, and I think it’s just the same thing that’s been going on forever.

H: I think it’s less rock and more indie/mellow stuff.

D: But what we’re finding is that that’s a very small group and we used to play to that group, and now we’re playing with more rock bands. The response from them is overwhelming and really exciting. We kind of realized ‘Oh sh*t, we’re a rock band!’ We kind of never realized that before. We thought we were kind of artsy and weirder and a bit more eccentric…

H: But now we’re just accepting that we’re rock.

7.) Hope, your vocals are amazingly captivating. How long have you been singing?

H: I don’t know. I’m not trained. I took a couple of voice lessons, but really I sang in choirs a lot. All throughout elementary and middle school, I went to church and sung a lot in church. I sing in my car a lot, [laughs] so I guess I’ve been singing my whole life. But I guess singing-singing, probably 3 years. This is the first band I’ve ever been in, but technically, all my life.

8.) Drew, what about you? How long have you been playing and producing?

D: Well I’ve always been the flaky songwriter-guitarist in bands. I wasn’t into the production or anything, but with this band, it’s different, because it was all up to me, [the instrumentation] and Hope has a lot of feedback. She gives me direction a lot. I feel ultimately, if she’s not in love with it, then what’s the point? I went to a college for music and dropped out after a semester, and when I was young I wanted to be a guitarist but over the years it’s changed to me wanting to be a great songwriter. So with this project, I’m able to explore that.

9.) You write your own music. What is the writing process like? For a guy and a girl, life is different, so how do you find that medium? Do you both write or is it more like, one person writes, one person plays?

H: I find that the content of our songs [what it’s about] Drew and I are kind of dependent. It’s not about personal evolution, but it’s not like ‘this is a girl song, this is a dude song,’ we’re more of ‘taking back your power, taking back your life.’ & that’s what our music is generally about. As far as the writing, Drew’s constantly writing beats and guitar riffs, so we have all this instrumentation. And I’m like ‘I wanna write on this one’ and he’ll just hone in on that. But we bounce back and forth a lot and it’s very together.

10.) What is one of your favorite songs that you’ve done and why?

D: Well we like ‘Leash’ a lot. That was one of the very first songs where I was starting to get what ‘Ever So Android’ was. So we wrote it and sat on it for like a year. And we started playing it around here and on our first tour, people kept asking about that song. I say it was one of the first actual ‘Ever So Android’ songs and I think that’s why we released it as a single.

H: Yeah, I love our older things, but I always get the most excited about our new songs. It’s like a new boyfriend or something and it’s exciting. But I think ‘Leash’ is a good song. It’s one of those songs that wrote itself. I also like “40 seconds.”

D: We also have song that we’ve recorded and played live that we like too.

11.) Speaking on “Leash,” you recently released it. Can you give us a little insight on how that song came about? From the idea of it to the finished product?

H: I remember very specifically writing it. We were hanging out with friends and we went to the practice space. And Drew was on side and I was on the other side vibing out…

D: No that’s not what happened. We were just in there and we were talking and I was playing. You stopped me and said you liked it and we just wrote it.

H: [Laughs] Well more or less, that’s what happened. Some songs take forever, but ‘Leash’ just kind of came out. I kind of wrote it with the idea of marriage in mind, and this morning I realized it’s not about that at all. When I wrote it, I was going through kind of an identity crisis, trying to figure out who I am, and I think it’s more me at this stage of deciding who I wanted to be. Because there’s who you are and who you want to be, so I was at that stage trying to figure that out everything.

12.) Ok. So what are you guys currently working on? Is there another EP in the works? Or can we look forward to a debut project?

D: We have the songs for a full length that we really want. We have an opportunity to do it, but we’re kind of shopping around for options right now. The EP, we love it and it’s really reflective of who we were when we came out, but we’re just not really that band anymore. So now we really want to make an album, but we want to make an album that we really want to make. But hopefully, by the end of the year, we’ll be tracking.

13.) Given the chance, what musical artist, past or present, dead or alive, would you like to collaborate with?

H: A year ago I would’ve said Cee-lo green, but now I don’t know. I want to write something for Dr. Dre.

D: I think currently, Santigold.

14.) Those are awesome choices! On behalf of The IMC Magazine, I want to thank you so much for your time! Do you have anything you want to tell the people?

D: Yeah, check out our website, follow us on Facebook, check out our music!


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