Artist Spotlight: Jonah Swilley – ‘First Name

Artist Spotlight: Jonah Swilley – ‘First Name [Music Video & Interview]


Words: Raeven T. Bostic

When we say that Jonah Swilley is the next best thing… we mean it!! Seriously!

Hailing from Atlanta, Swilley is the perfect blend of 60s rock combined with Southern inspired hip-hop which creates for something unique and genius. The talented 20-year old credits Outkast, Johnny Cash and Kurt Cobain as his inspirations and is able to play several instruements including piano, drums, guitar, mandolin, and bass. Jonah recently released his debut EP Swilley earlier this year to rave reviews, which features his new song “First Name.”

We had a chance to chat it up with Jonah about his music and inspirations. Take a look at what he had to say:

The IMC: What was your inspiration for your most recent EP?

JS: I’d say mainly love, pain, relationships, and happiness.

The IMC: What is your favorite track you worked on? Why?

JS: I’d have to say ‘First Name’ because it’s the first song I wrote as a solo artist and that song was me being 100% honest.

The IMC: What is your favorite part of making music?

JS: My favorite part is definitely seeing a song or a body of work that I’ve worked on come together.

The IMC: So, you come from a family of musicians. Is there anything you have learned that you will apply to or do differently in your career?

JS: Yes most definitely. All the musicians in my family are different in genres and have different styles, so I’ve been able to take different aspects from them and blend it into my own music.

The IMC: What can we expect from you next? Any projects or shows coming up?

JS: I have had a few shows and have a few more coming up. Right now, I’m working and writing on my full length LP. As far as shows, I just had one in Atlanta at Smith’s Old Bar, and I have another one coming up in East Atlanta.


Check out Jonah’s new music video for “First Name” below:


Jonah’s ‘Swilley’ EP is currently available on iTunes!

You can keep up with Jonah at the following:

-Twitter: @Jonardius


-Instagram: @JonahSwilley