ASCAP Atlanta Up Close!

ASCAP Atlanta Up Close!


The American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers otherwise known as ASCAP, has a membership association of more than 540,000 US composers, songwriters, lyricists and publishers in all genres of music. Past and present members include, Katy Perry, Jay-Z, Marc Anthony, Justin Timberlake, Pharrell, Beyonce and many more megastar talent. ASCAP protects the rights of their members by licensing and distributing royalties for the non-dramatic public performances of their copyrighted works. Here, we chat with Joncier Rienecker, Associate Director of the ASCAP Atlanta, Georgia office and learn more about her role and the ATL music scene. 

Joncier Rienecker
Joncier Rienecker

IMC: What is it like working at ASCAP Atlanta?
JR: Working for ASCAP is amazing! Having the opportunity to help such an incredible roster of artists (who are associated with us as songwriters, composers and/or music publishers) is what I love most about my job. Our members truly motivate me, both professionally and personally. It is an honor to stand, not only behind but, with them.

IMC: Has being in Atlanta changed your approach to the music industry?
JR: I have a more social approach to the music industry here. I have found it very organic to build rapport with members and clients here. Being in Atlanta has strengthened my love with music and has made me more proactive in building ASCAP’s presence here.

IMC: How do you feel about today’s music scene?
JR: I have a love/hate relationship with today’s music. I did an interview with one of our songwriters, last year, who termed today’s music as “microwave music” and I completely agree with that label. The average music consumer, today, does not care about the quality of music; consumers accept music which is produced quick and lacks substance. I joke with my friends about some of these records out now yet, while I do enjoy some of them, I remain a fan of timeless music. I am such an old school head. I am definitely the type to have Stevie Wonder on at the house or in the car heading out to a party. I just love music that resonates with my soul and, sometimes, today’s music can barely get past my ears.

IMC: If you could give an unsigned artist only one tip, what would that tip be?
JR: Get a solid business team. Talent is a fraction of one’s success. A major part of one’s success derives from having the right team to not only get you the best deal, but make you a brand. Not every artist is a brand and those are the artists that have limited success.

IMC: What is next for you in the upcoming year?
I am very excited to continue to grow my career at ASCAP. I have had eight, rewarding years with ASCAP thus far and I am looking forward to fulfilling our mission in new and exciting ways. As Associate Director for our Rhythm & Soul Department, one area I am focused on is our Gospel market which I oversee. I am working diligently to strengthen our ties, sign new talent and create more innovative programming in that field.

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To learn more about ASCAP and how to become a member, visit them on the web at ASCAP.COM