Atlanta Marks End Of Yellowcard’s 10th Anniversary Tour

Atlanta Marks End Of Yellowcard’s 10th Anniversary Tour


Words by: Lyssa Quallio

“Tonight marks the end of an era. I’m not personally from Georgia but my family lives here so it feels historic to have the final show take place here.”-Ryan Key

There are many traditions we have at a young age that end up becoming just a small piece of history in our lives. Yellowcard is that tradition, and the 90’s generation had the chance to be apart of it. Their hit song ‘Ocean Avenue’ was certified 2x Platinum by the RIAA, and since 1997 they have been going strong touring across the nation, with devoted fans keeping the music alive.

The Band Yellowcard performing on stage of The Masquerade
The Band Yellowcard performing on stage of The Masquerade

On Friday, February 7th, they concluded their 10th Anniversary Ocean Avenue Acoustic Tour at Atlanta’s music hall, The Masquerade. Opening for the band was rock group, What’s Eating Gilbert, who’s lead singer is the founder of rock band, New Found Glory. Fans were elated to see a familiar face during the opening set, and the excitement grew profusely for the next group to come on stage.

Not long after, the crowd started to gather tightly as Yellowcard’s instrumentals started to lightly pick up the sound, the lights shifted when suddenly you hear the first line of popular track ‘Away, Away.’ It was almost hard to hear the lead singers voice due to the amount of people singing along with him and the glow throughout fans was deemed lucid.

From then on the energy was high regardless of the song played and the array of sound coming from violinist Sean Mackin was truly enticing. It doesn’t matter how many times you’ve heard that particular song, nothing beats the feeling of being taken back into the memories of air guitar rocking with your childhood friends. When the group began to perform their repetition of ‘Ocean Avenue’ there was not a single bored attendee in sight.

Check out this amateur video of this performance below.

As the show began to draw to an end, the rock fans in front stage started to get wild and were throwing each other in the air, crowd surfing throughout attendees. Following this intoxicating performance, IMC met with lead singer Ryan Key where he told us that he’s performed in Atlanta numerous times and never ceases to have a blast doing so. It seems like getting the chance to watch an artist such as this perform, is a similar feeling as getting to catch up with an old friend. It’s a moment of peace and realization of the memories that live on in all of us.

Yellowcard Ryan Key
Lead Singer Ryan Key (Center Left) & Assistant Editor Lyssa Quallio (Far Right) pictured with part of the Masquerade crew.