Beyonce seeks an Oscar!

Beyonce seeks an Oscar!


Beyonce seeks an Oscar, as she has plans to write and star in a film about Saartjie Baartman, a South African woman put on display in London freak shows during the 1800s. Baartman was nicknamed “Hottentot Venus” because of her large buttocks.

According to The Sun, Beyonce has hired a large team of coaches and writers to help portray Baartman’s story. Baartman was forced to exhibit her body against her will. Beyonce plans to successfully illustrate the moments of Baartman’s life on screen.

Sources say Beyonce has taken acting and the role of playing Baartman very seriously, doing outside research on her character. She hopes to gain much respect within the film industry from writing the screenplay and taking on such an impactful role.

No word yet, on when we can expect this film. But we can expect nothing but flawlessness from the Queen Bee herself.