Chip’s London Boy: American Themed or UK Flair?

Chip’s London Boy: American Themed or UK Flair?


Words: Franky Law

With the release of Chip’s highly anticipated new mixtape; London Boy, many challenged the legitimacy of his move to the US and the impact that action would have on the prestigious UK grime artist’s career. A product of North London, Chip has always stood true to his grime scene roots even during times when pop culture completely took his career in another direction. Chip has never been ashamed of his motives of expansion, yet some still questioned whether moving to the US would alter his distinct UK style.

At first sight, features from co-signee Hustle Gang’s Iggy Azalea, boss, T.I. and MMG’s Meek Mill identify a definite American theme, yet we hoped that this obvious influence would work only to enhance Chip’s UK flair. Fortunately it does. We are instantly hit with a monologue from US DJ/producer and host of London Boy, DJ Drama, where this is followed by the recognizable metaphoric punch lines, delivered with an unchanged quintessentially British vocab and accent that we are all used to hearing from Chip.

Throughout the coming tracks, it is possible to identify a slight alteration in delivery where some bars are slowed down, and a US twang is introduced, however this is passable, as Chip needs to sound relatable to American audiences as well.

Chip’s collaboration with Meek Mill on “Pizza Boy,” further fuses his attempt at bringing the US and UK together. “Pizza Boy” possesses a fun, yet fierce, guttural bass-line mixed with the typical computer game generated sound flittered throughout the track. It is an acceptable attempt at keeping both continents happy. Chip’s US venture is hard to fault. He manages well to withstand international influences while maintaining his unique UK flair and staying true to represent a typical London boy.



IMC’s Top 3:

  • R.N.F. feat. T.I. & Jeremiah
  • Help Me feat. Delilah
  • My Crew feat. Skepta