Jeremy Scott – The Dancer Behind Justin Bieber, Usher, Jason Derulo and...

Jeremy Scott – The Dancer Behind Justin Bieber, Usher, Jason Derulo and More…


After studying dance techniques from legends like Michael Jackson, James Brown, and MC Hammer, Atlanta based choreographer, Jeremy Strong established his own signature “smooth” style from these musical greats by incorporating his training in pop locking, breaking, and krumping as well as the rugged, hard-hitting style from the streets of ATL. As the leader of Collizion Dance Crew, who were featured on Season 7 of MTV’s Americas Best Dance Crew, Jeremy’s popularity and style garnered the interest of some of the industry’s biggest stars; Usher, Ne-Yo, Justin Bieber, Keri Hilson, Flo Rida, Ciara, T-Pain, Heavy D, and R. Kelly. Additionally, Jeremy has appeared in the dance films; Stomp the Yard 2, Pitch Perfect, 3 Stooges, and I Can Do Bad All by Myself.

IMC: When was it that you realized dancing was your dream and a career to pursue?
JS: I am a very “make things happen naturally” type of person. I didn’t just come up dancing, I was more into sports and then I saw the movie that made me look at dance differently, You Got Served. As a kid I wanted to always be a super hero. Dancers are literally super heroes, we do things with our bodies that others can’t. I also wanted the girls back then, so I did it for fun. I allowed my loved for what I was doing to turn into a career naturally. I just worked hard at it because I had fun doing it. I really took it serious as a career when I choreographed for Justin Beiber. I was like, I can really get down with this.

IMC: How was the Collizion Dance Crew created?
JS: We saw the film You Got Served then we came home and said we was going to do that. We literally made our first routine that night. From there it just kept growing and growing.

collizion crew
Collizion Crew

IMC: How does it feel to be dancing alongside these successful artists?
JS: It is a blessing. I am forever grateful. I am really a free spirited creative type of person, so I create from a feeling. Just being able to connect and share the stage with iconic artists and people is always amazing. When you see your work displayed on a video or an award show is just fulfilling.

IMC: What separates you from the rest?
JS: My signature is knowing who I am inside and out. There is nobody else better at being me than me. My style comes from the streets. I take from what I learned and I use it with this raw feeling that I have. I don’t consider myself a dancer, I just consider myself as an artist.

IMC: What motivates you to go as hard as you do in this competitive industry?
JS: I am just a go hard person. I feel like my motivation comes from a higher power. I am always motivated and I don’t believe in limits. I ask myself, how far can I push myself mentally, physically, and emotionally until I break that limit. I am now able to do things for my mother that I was never able to do. I also grew up not having anything, when I do have a family I do not want my kids to worry about those things I worried about growing up.

Jeremy Scott
Jeremy Scott

IMC: If you had one thing you could tell someone that is in pursuit of the same industry as you, what would it be?
JS: Just don’t stop. What happens is if you do things out of love, sometimes it doesn’t create the revenue at first. You learn to love something so much that money isn’t the issue and you won’t care if you make money or not. Then you allow your passion to get you really good at whatever your craft is. If it takes you learning as much as possible, do not stop. If it takes you 10 years to make a million dollars, will you sit there on the 10th year like dang it took 10 years? No, you will sit on the money and be proud of the blessing.

IMC: What’s next for you?
JS: I have my hands in a lot of things. I am currently on an international promo tour with Jason Deroulo. I am doing a lot of writing and I play the guitar. I am working on an EP with my group Kharactur, and dabbling with the idea of becoming an actor.