Jus Clae Wins IMC DJ Mix-Off After Ten Years Away From The...

Jus Clae Wins IMC DJ Mix-Off After Ten Years Away From The Game

DJ Mix-Off winner, Jus Clae

Attendees of the International Music Conference a few weeks back were introduced to some of the businesses most promising up and coming DJ’s at the IMC’s DJ Mix-Off competition. Jus Clae, however, was the standout to the judges, consisting of Interscope Record’s Keinon Johnson, DJ K.O. and V-103’s DJ Kash and DJ Baby Yu. The most surprising thing about Jus Clae is that he actually left the DJ scene more than an entire decade and now he’s back in full force. Check out the interview below to see what Jus Clae has learned over the years as a disc jockey.

What was the crowd’s reaction like when you were on stage DJing during the competition? How much are you paying attention to their responses?
When I am playing a normal night, I’m looking at the crowd all the time but when I’m in a battle I’m so involved it’s hard to see everything. I looked up as much as I could during my set. The crowd reacted to all the “highlights” great! At the end, every face had a smile screaming and clapping, so I guess I did okay.

Who or what inspired you to become a disc jockey?
This may date me a bit but in 1983 I saw Herbie Hancock’s DJ Grandmaster D.S.T. do his live version of “Rockit” and i was hooked! I thought to myself, that was the coolest thing I have ever heard. I wanna do that!

Where is the one place you would like to DJ that you haven’t already?
Haven’t played too many places outside of ATL but would love to play in NYC, Miami or Vegas.

Do you DJ full-time? If not, what else do you do?
I am working to play full time but for now I am a sales rep for  a nation wide lawn service.
Jus Clae preps for his set during IMC DJ Mix-Off
Jus Clae preps for his set during IMC DJ Mix-Off

What’s the biggest thing you’ve learned over the years as a DJ?
Sadly, more often than not, it’s not what you know, it’s who you know.

During the IMC’s DJ Mix-Off, what was the most surprising thing you heard from the judges?
One judge said that when I was sampling the beat from Phil Collin’s “In the Air” he wished I would have scratched it instead of using samples. I don’t think he understood exactly what I was doing at that point.

What were your thoughts on the competition overall?
I thought it was well put together and loved the whole vibe! Good people all around!

DJ K.O., Keinon Johnson, DJ Kash, Jus Clae and DJ Baby Yu
DJ K.O., Keinon Johnson, DJ Kash, Jus Clae and DJ Baby Yu

What’s different about your DJing style from other DJs?
I think what sets me apart is my history in the game and creativity.

What’s the one item you can’t be without when you’re DJing?
TURNTABLES! TECHNICS 1200’s! I taught myself on them and there is no substitute! I can play on CDJ’s and controllers but nothing beats the feel of vinyl!

What was your best DJ moment ever?
Three years ago me and my DJ partner (ATL legend Andre Perry) did a four turntable mix opening up for Flo-Rida and Lil Jon in ATL! Biggest crowd I’ve ever played for, very cool!

What musicians do you really admire?
I can’t just pic a few because I love all music and don’t really have a favorite. If it’s good, i love it! ALL GENRES!

What’s next for Jus Clae?
I think I might enter a few more DJ battles because they have given me more credits than just playing regular gigs. I’m gonna keep banging away doing what I do and see where the road takes me. I am just excited that I am back in the game after 10 yrs off!

DJ Teeoh and Jus Clae
DJ Teeoh and Jus Clae

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