Meet IMC Artist Winner, Layla Khepri!

Meet IMC Artist Winner, Layla Khepri!


The IMC: Who is Layla Khepri?
LK: I once had an infatuation with Egyptian names. I came across Layla which meant, “born at night”, which I was. Then I came across the name Khepri, who was a sun deity who was said to push the sun into day. He also represented creation and rebirth so for me the name together, the creation and rebirth aspect for me symbolized my artistry. My music is my art. I’m always trying to create something new from what I’ve already done and grow from each song, each verse, each cadence and style I bring to track.

The IMC: What made you want to become an artist?
LK:  Music was just always a part of my life. Every since I was little I always had headphones in my ears tuning out the world. I just had a big imagination I went to college for a semester but decided to delve all the way into pursuing my music career. I’ve been working with my current manager Lady Redz, ever since and prepping to take over the world!

The IMC: What brought you to the International Music Conference?
LK: I heard about the event through my co-manager, Ian Burke. It’s always inspirational to be around other talented artists. Any opportunity to network is one that should be taken advantage of and especially being able to talk to people who have been in the industry, to ask them questions, even study their behavior in how they carry themselves or hear how they got started.

The IMC: How was your performance?
LK: My co-manager truly believes in me and wanted to see me perform to my best ability for the panel and the audience. I personally felt like I could have done better, but I always feel like I can do better. The critiques were very reasonable and all things that I agreed with which were performing over an actual performance track, so the words don’t overpower what I’m saying on the microphone. It helped me because now I have performance tracks made with lowered vocals where needed. It helped me control my tone also so I’m not screaming into the mic trying to be heard over the track itself.

The IMC: What is your approach to being creative?
LK: I gather inspiration from damn near anywhere. My emotions when I go through them, how my day went, the people I encounter that day, other artists, or other art in general. I write any chance I get, preferably at home where I can just vibe and zone out without any restrictions or time limits. I just throw on some beats and go.

The IMC: Where can fans find your music?
 My music can be found on SoundCloud, YouTube, and my website I like reaching out to people individually other than promotions, so I’m also reachable on FB, Twitter, Instagram, and SnapChat. Social media is always a way of reaching millions of people in a more efficient manner.

The IMC: What’s in store for Layla Khepri in 2016?
LK: My mixtape Lottery Pick dropped a few months ago, so everyone should definitely check that out. I’m still working on an EP that will possibly be released this year and I have songs lined up ready to drop real soon.