Nero Releases New Album On ITunes

Nero Releases New Album On ITunes


Words by: Lyssa Quallio

It’s been four years since London EDM group, Nero topped the UK album charts with their critically acclaimed debut Welcome Reality.

After a short delay, the trio has at last released their long awaited sophomore album Between II Worlds — released today (Sept. 11) through Universal’s Virgin EMI. The album holds some of the singles we’ve already heard and loved such as, “Dark Skies,” “Satisfy” and “Two Minds.” Group members, Daniel Stephens, Joe Ray and Alana Watson have subtended a rough road in progressing from a dance act to a kindred three-piece live band. “We’re one of the only electronic acts that does this level of live theater, which is great,” Stephens told Billboard in May.”But it’s a balance. Sometimes we feel like we’re stuck in this quandary where the dance fans will complain if the shows don’t sound like the album, but that’s a lot easier in a DJ set than with a live band. But we think we can do it. It’s almost like you’re stuck between two worlds.”

Tonight they will take over the famous Essential Mix on BBC Radio One to spin a special two-hour mix. Make sure you tune in at 4 a.m. GMT to hear their first Essential Mix in five years.

The group will spend October touring across North America, hitting cities like New York City, Austin, Chicago and San Francisco. See the full list of dates below and get more details here.

Nero’s Between II Worlds is now available on iTunes.

Watch the music video for “Two Minds” below: