Paramore Returns In Style With New Album ‘Paramore’

Paramore Returns In Style With New Album ‘Paramore’


After a difficult couple of years, Paramore are back with a new album, suitably titled Paramore. Although it’s their 4th album, Hayley Williams (Vocals) explained that “The self-titled aspect of the whole thing is definitely a statement. I feel like it’s not only reintroducing the band to the world, but even to ourselves” Listening to the album, it is definitely a new Paramore. There are synth flourishes, string sections, and a new refined nature to the band’s pop-punk sound.

The album opens with “Fast In My Car”, which sounds like early YeahYeahYeah’s, “No-one’s the same as they used to be, much as we try to pretend,” Williams trills over frenetic drums. “Fast In My Car” is followed by first single “Now”, a heavier more aggressive side to the album. The best part of the album is by far the trio of “Daydreaming”, “Ain’t It Fun” and “Hate To See Your Heartbreak”. “Daydreaming” is a lush poppy track, with one of the most emotive bridge’s Paramore have ever composed. “Ain’t It Fun” sounds like Michael Jackson with a rock-edge and even features a gospel choir in the latter parts of the song. However “Hate To See Your Heartbreak” is the best song on Paramore, it’s a Fleetwood Mac-esque ballad about someone you love going through a hard time.

Paramore has created one of the most ambitious, genre-spanning albums I have heard in a long while. Before you write them off as just another pop-rock band, listen to the brilliant Paramore.