Pay Attention: DJ Dahi Talks Producing “Worst Behavior” and 2014 Releases

Pay Attention: DJ Dahi Talks Producing “Worst Behavior” and 2014 Releases


Words: Caroline Simionescu-Marin

Think of your favourite track, the meaning, emotion, lyrics. At the heart of it all is a beat. A beat which creates platform for each word, metaphor and rhyme to be accentuated. There is an unquestionable difference between an average track and an outstanding track; the latter will have a longevity so powerful that the provocation of listener reaction would be unhindered by era. There is no ‘recipe’ for an outstanding track. But in quite simple terms it can be put down to a blissful marriage of lyric and beat. Without a beat many of your favourite rappers would be little more than a wordsmith.

Thus there is a magic behind the face of a track, that as listeners, we don’t always pay attention too.

When it comes to hip hop albums, ask anyone which two artists have made the most impact in the past couple of years and their answer will undoubtedly be Drake and Kendrick Lamar. Good Kid, M.A.A.D City and Nothing Was The Same, both surpassing the 1 million sales mark, are monumental albums in their own right. With critics hailing the two rappers as hip hop prodigies of our generation it is important to read, and listen, between the lines. “Money Trees” and “Worst Behavior.” Arguably the biggest hits from each respective body of work. A simple correlation?

DJ Dahi.

It’s time to get familiar with this name because we’re predicting the Dahi platinum stamp on many of your favourite songs for years to come. With his beckoning track record of response provoking beats it seemed only right to catch up with the hit maker before 2013 draws to a close.

DJ Dahi breaks it down to our UK Media Editor Caroline; discussing everything from his first hit with Dom Kennedy [“My Type of Party”] to the extraordinary topic of producing beats for Drake who has openly discussed opting against the use of external producers. Dahi also explains why Kendrick Lamar will be ‘one of the greats’ and looks forward into 2014 – with new music coming from BoB, Big K.R.I.T, Lupe Fiasco, Schoolboy Q, Lily Allen and London up and comer Little Simz.

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