RadioActiveKids’ Kamal Wins Producer Showcase With Head Turning Production Style

RadioActiveKids’ Kamal Wins Producer Showcase With Head Turning Production Style

Sellen Aroesty and Kamal

Without a doubt, one of the most anticipated events of the International Music Conference is the Producer Showcase, giving music producers prime opportunity to showcase their tracks in front of an esteemed judging panel. This year, the judges included GRAMMY award-winning producers; Bryan-Michael Cox and Jazze Pha, along with SESAC’s Peniece Le Gall and Courtney Luv, manager to multi-platinum recording artist, Bobby V. One of several rewards for the IMC’s winning producer included an extremely sought after trip to London, England. Kamal gets that opportunity this year, telling the IMC Magazine he is looking forward to his first trip to Europe. Kamal also revealed to us the details about his production company RadioActiveKids, and his head-turning production style.

What was going through your head when you were playing your tracks for the judges during the Producer Showcase?

Kamal: My thoughts were, “I gotta impress the greats” Respect and gratitude are very important to me and my craft, so I always want to bring my A game. I have a legacy I’m trying to establish.

Have you participated in other battles or showcases?
Kamal: Sure, living in Atlanta, it’s a part of the culture.

Who or what has inspired you to make music?
Kamal: I was inspired first by jazz and later from a love of hip-hop. I have a very eclectic and distinguished taste in music. My greats are Quincy Jones, Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, Timbaland, Pharrell, Chad Hugo, Nellee Hooper. There are a lot of musicians and producers out today that I enjoy as well.

What were your thoughts on the Producer Showcase overall?
Kamal: It was great feedback for all involved.

Who are the RadioActiveKids?
Kamal: RadioActiveKids is the name of my company; co-owned with my manager and myself as producer. The name is an ideal, being larger than life; flamboyant music, experimental, futuristic and simultaneously “active on your radio.”

Producer Showcase Panel
Courtney Luv, Julia Huie-Martin, Bryan-Michael Cox, Jazze Pha and Peniece Le Gall

Describe your production style.
Kamal: Unexpected! Head turning.

What’s the most important thing you learned at the 2013 International Music Conference?
Kamal: The most important thing, I personally think, is learning more and more about our ever-changing music market and monetizing music.

How do you stand out from other music producers on the rise?
Kamal: Diversity, a quality I truly work on.

What are you most looking forward to during your trip to London, England?
Kamal: Absorbing all the scenery, seeing the infamous city and of course expand my music into the international market! I listen to The Clash, so this will fulfill my imagination plus this will be my first trip to Europe.

RadioActiveKids Kamal
Kamal pictured with IMC trophy and boxed prizes, courtesy of Guitar Center and Soul Electronics

What do you think of the Beat Thang Machine?
Kamal: User friendly and powerful. Very mobile.

What has the response been like from your supporters since you won the IMC’s Producer Showcase?
Kamal: Man, this exposure has definitely opened a new chapter in my career. My friends and fans all know that we were shooting for an international market so here we come.

What’s next for Kamal?
Kamal: Having just finished my flagship artist, BAMN’s EP entitled First Class; I’m looking to work with a slew of new artists and build a tough ass roster. Make RAK Productions a powerhouse. I’m building a planet over here; a new place for people to land and have a real musical experience. One Song at a time!

Catch Kamal on Twitter: @KamalElement