This Is Wurld! Rising Recording Artist Talks About Introducing His Music To...

This Is Wurld! Rising Recording Artist Talks About Introducing His Music To The World


Words: Lyssa Quallio

Recording Artist “Wurld,” born Sadiq Onifade, has been hard at work in the studio writing, creating and producing his own music. After moving to Atlanta from in Lagos, Nigeria and obtaining his Masters degree in Information technology this rising star has now been exposed to a whole new world of music. 2013 has already marked a big year for him as he awaits the launch of his new EP entitled Evolution,  available in Spring. After wrapping up the music video for the song “Beautiful Girls” this past week, he is eager to see the response of fans when it launches online next month. Wurld discusses his journey from Africa to Atlanta with IMC Magazine, and the goals he has for his future in the music industry.

IMC: I feel like you’re a modern day version of the artist Seal, is that the direction you’re going in?

Wurld: Seal meets David Guetta is the direction I’m going in. My music is in comparison to so many different things, it’s more electronic music meets rock meets soul. I’m just creating music to reach far beyond I knew was possible.

IMC: What type of projects are you currently working on?

Wurld: I’ve been working on an EP that I am almost done with called Evolution. Currently I have a song playing on 105.7 Wild FM Atlanta called “Beyond Our Dreams” available online now. It’s very electronic and dance driven. The response for my record has been amazing.

IMC: What other songwriters and producers are you working with?

Wurld: I’ve started working with other artists; I am focusing on writing my own music. I have my own production company so I create everything myself. Jazze Pha is a good friend and inspiration. Daryl Simmons is another one and currently I am working with Jonetta Patton (Usher Raymond’s mother) who is my manager. A lot of my production is in house, through my own company. We’ve been able to just lock in and create this amazing work of art.

IMC: What’s that been like for you here in Atlanta?

Wurld: I was born and raised in Nigeria, I moved to Atlanta for school. Atlanta has been my home away from home. I am a huge fan of New York but Atlanta was a great transition from Nigeria to here. I have a family out here as well, so that’s a great support system.

IMC: Tell me about this music video you just recorded?

Wurld: I’m working with this artist named Brasco; I do a lot of song writing for him. We did a song called “Beautiful girls” that had 30,000 hits in 4-5 days, which was amazing. We decided to do a video for it, this past Monday. It will be released by the end of the month. I’m in the process of releasing an EP that will be available late Spring; it’s an amazing work of art. You should expect the unexpected. In the past I’ve released dance and electronic records, people will be impressed with my depth and passion for this one. The whole idea for me was to create something that has no boundaries, I want to make music that expresses myself. I use music to voice my own opinion so this is my way of doing it. I’m a shy person in public so music helps me reach out to people and promote love and peace and unity.

IMC: I see you have a Master’s Degree, what made you decide to get an education instead of just solely focusing on music?

Wurld: Being African, education is very important to us. It is the number one thing; it has been instilled in me for my entire life. It’s definitely a powerful tool; you can do whatever you want afterwards. I moved to the US to pursue that, while I was in college I pursued music part time and gradually. After college, I started solely focusing on my music, now that I had the time.

IMC: Do you make a conscious effort to intermix African sounds with Western style of music?

Wurld: I’m actually currently working on some new stuff that will correlate the two, the last piece of the puzzle for me is elaborating on African and Western music.

IMC: Producers are risk takers who seize an idea, run with it and convince others to follow them, agree?

Wurld: Yes the perfect definition of what I do is risk taking. All of my music is a good feeling that I ran with. If I have doubted it, I won’t even take the time to work on it.

IMC: Do you have a favorite song that you’ve created?

Wurld: I don’t have a favorite; each song brings out a different feeling and emotion for me so I care for them all.

Catch WurlD on Twitter: @thisisWurlD