SESAC Atlanta’s Leading Lady, Peniece Le Gall Talks 2012 Highlights And SESAC’s...

SESAC Atlanta’s Leading Lady, Peniece Le Gall Talks 2012 Highlights And SESAC’s Latest Advancements


Words: Reginald Brooks

Peniece Le Gall is one of only two known individuals who have worked for or represented, in some capacity, each of the three major performing rights organizations. Together, SESAC, ASCAP & BMI are constantly defending the value of their affiliates. SESAC, however, named Peniece Le Gall, Director of Writer/Publisher Relations for its Atlanta division back in 2012. It was clear when I spoke with her that she remains passionate about her work and the role that SESAC plays in the record business. If you’re not already familiar, Le Gall is fully engaged in the music scene, especially around Atlanta. Some of Atlanta’s most promising music talent know her by first name as she regularly attends some of the city’s high profile industry events like the Atlanta Chapter Grammy Awards Telecast viewing party and last year’s annual International Music Conference.

2012 was a year of highlights and surprises, beginning with Peniece’s aforementioned new role at SESAC Atlanta. I wanted to find out what else had surprised Peniece this past year and musically speaking, Rihanna & Nicki Minaj were standouts to her as a result of their dominance on radio and the pop charts. After mentioning those two artists as obvious successes, Peniece quickly offered up a second thought. “Julia surprised me last year!” “I was really surprised by the efficiency of the music conference.” She’s referring to Julia Huie-Martin, head of The Bridge Entertainment, and the company’s successful production of the 2nd annual International Music Conference. Peniece joins many other music professionals in anticipation of the 3rd annual International Music Conference and favors any opportunities that will advance SESAC’s songwriters.

Peniece explains some of SESAC’s latest advancements and what their affiliates can be excited about for 2013. Just last quarter, the company launched a system, which allows their affiliates faster access to their royalties via online payments. Also important to SESAC’s accessibility is their more streamlined web 2.0 platform. “SESAC has always been able to adapt better because of it’s size”, says Le Gall. “We’re smaller by design,” she continues. With things being more automated in the music-publishing world since Peniece’s start, SESAC has even more leverage to communicate with their affiliates. SESAC’s smaller, more private function is complimentary to the company’s unique value. Peniece mentions that every writer or publisher must have a prior conversation with one of SESAC’s reps before becoming an affiliate. Even though it’s a common misconception that SESAC is a newer organization, the company has been around just as long as the other PROs. They continue to pay close attention to their affiliates and helping songwriters who may need more guidance. Peniece promises the company’s continued dedication to protecting the value of their songwriter’s work.

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