Spoken Reasons Brings Uniqueness To New Mixtape

Spoken Reasons Brings Uniqueness To New Mixtape


Words: Raeven Bostic

Spoken Reasons is definitely someone to watch out for in 2014! Having a more than successful year starring alongside Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy in the award-winning comedy, The Heat, signing to Russell Simmons’ digital group, All Def-Digital, and steadily increasing his YouTube following (he currently has over a million subscribers), Spoken Reasons is truly living out his dreams.

 Spoken Reasons in The Heat

Born John Baker, the comedian/rapper, got his start on YouTube. His videos  were centered on real life topics with a comedic spin on it that quickly got him a strong following. Creating original content, Spoken Reasons garnered mass attention with his Relationship Games Mini-Series. Spoken Reasons released his fourth mixtape, ‘I Aint Sh*t… Yet‘ , following behind, Spoken Reasons, I Ain’t Sh*t, and The New —- of Comedy. The 8-track EP is a unique twist on todays rap/R&B that is sure to make you a fan.

Spoken Reasons dives right into it with EP opener, “Grown Man“. Spoken Reason’s reminds you that he’s a grown man over the trippy beat. The song sounds like something singer Jeremih would create but S. Reasons makes it his own as it sets the stage for the rest of the project. “Grown Man” segues into the funk infused remix of  Justin Bieber‘s “All That Matters.” S. Reasons take on the song is about losing one girl over dealing with other women.

 Official Video For “Grown Man.”

If you had any question on what kind of girls Spoken Reasons likes, he lets you know on “Fine A25214 Girlz,” the third track. “I’m looking for a fine [ass] girl/with bad bit*h tendencies/red hot from to the top to the bottom/can’t you see,” he sings over the mellow song with subtle hints of spacey instruments. Spoken Reasons takes on another popular song, turning it into a remix. His fourth track, “Honest” stems from Future‘s, “Honest.” On the song, he’s being ‘honest’ to a woman letting her know how he feels about her and being honest to her no matter what happens.

Spoken Reasons
Spoken Reasons

Spoken Reasons is a one of a kind man and he lets that be known on “Nice To Meet You.” On the song, he sings about his girl never being able to find another man like him…and that just may be the truth! S. Reasons brings the party on the remix of Ty Dolla‘s “Paranoid.” S. Reasons takes the club joint and turns it into a sexy-time song filled with whipped cream, maple syrup, and cookies! Things slow down a bit with second to last song, “Light It Up.” The song is a metaphorically filled love jam about lighting up and enjoying each others company. The EP ends with S. Reasons pouring his heart out to his love on “Missing You.” The slow jam takes listeners back to the early 2000 era of R&B slow jams, like “Circles” from Marques Houston.

Spoken Reasons at The Heat New York Premiere.
Spoken Reasons at The Heat New York Premiere.

All in all, I Aint Sh*t Yet, is something to keep you entertained. The Florida native is beyond talented and is making sure that his talents are used in every avenue possible, and so far, he’s succeeding. It’s only a matter of time before Spoken Reasons becomes a household name! It will be exciting to see his next move for 2014!

You can learn more about Spoken Reasons here. Follow him on Twitter and make sure to check out and subscribe to his YouTube channel.

You can listen and download the whole mixtape below: