Meet The DruMachine Project

Meet The DruMachine Project


The DruMachine Project is the musical brainchild of Oded Kafri.

Oded and his assistant Ashley have been taking London Town by storm, reaching over 70,000 views on Youtube and becoming a household name, on the streets…

Check out this video filmed by the Street Beats team on Hyde Park Corner, London, England. The DruMachine Project mash up 50 Cent, Drake and some classic MJ. We think they are amazing!

Oded and Ashley.


IMC: Where are you from?

Oded: Tel Aviv, Israel- I have lived here (London, England) for four years.
Ashley: Born and raised in London, but since I have travelled around Europe with various bands and spent a few months in Israel.

IMC: What made you start playing music?

Oded: I was intrigued by the sounds and excitement of music.
Ashley: I don’t know what it is really that made me start playing music. It’s some unstoppable, powerful force from within. Whatever it is, it’s cool!

IMC: What is your musical background?

Oded: I started to learn the drums at 10-years-old. I went on to practice in every genre possible; rock, jazz, pop, Indian, classical percussion. I am mainly a drum kit player.
Ashley: I have played the drums in different bands, touring and doing sessions. Now I’m back in London I do some teaching too.

IMC: When did you start busking?

Oded: 3 years ago. After 1 year of living and working in England I took a day off and took my drum kit to Manchester city square and just played.
Ashley: I had done some busking whilst on a tour of Europe with the Australian band The Wishing Well. We would set up a full 7 piece band in the town square in between proper gigs and attract huge crowds, I loved it.

IMC: What is your day job?

Oded: This is my day job! I have sold over 12,000 copies of my CD and earned decent money. I bring joy and happiness to hundreds of people. I have 1.5million views in total on Youtube. I spent so long confused as to what my ‘project’ should be in life and it came very simply through expressing myself.
Ashley: At the moment I am teaching drums and doing some sessions.

IMC: Where do you usually busk?

Oded: I began 3 years ago in Manchester and toured across cities to Bath, Bristol and Birmingham. When I felt ready I performed more and more in London. But there was something about travelling to a remote city which gave the real meaning of a travelling musician in historic terms. Musicians traditionally travelled from city to city to tell a story. For a real musician, travelling around should be a fundamental point. Everywhere I have been- from Europe to Africa to the Middle East people are the same but different. They all connect through music. It is an amazing way for me to live and experience life.
Ashley: Usually in London!

IMC: How did you meet each other?

Oded: About 4 months ago I got bored of doing it on my own. I didn’t want just an assistant; I wanted someone to actually play the drums with me.
Ashley: I am new to The DruMachine Project, Oded advertised online and I applied!

IMC: What are your musical hopes for the future?

Oded: I have achieved my hopes! I don’t want to be revolutionary. The reason I play the drums is to fulfill others and make them happy.
Ashley: Just to keep playing the music I love really. If I can make a living through the drums I’m happy!


The DruMachine Project

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