Our Street Beats Team Meets The Guilford Bucket Drummers

Our Street Beats Team Meets The Guilford Bucket Drummers


Meet The Guilford Bucket Drummers, Josh and Martin.

The Street Beats team found them busking in Kingston, England. These guys take being resourceful to the next level! Why have conventional drum kits? Check out the video here:

IMC: Names?
Josh and Martin.

IMC: Where are you from?
Josh: Brighton.
Martin: I’m originally from Epsom but I now live in Guildford for Uni.

IMC: What made you start playing music?
Josh: Drums was the loudest instrument and I always wanted attention!
Martin: I started playing because my three best mates at the time got two guitars and a drum kit for Christmas and I wanted to be in a band so I bought a bass.

IMC: What is your musical background?
Martin: I play bass as my first instrument but Josh got me playing drums and teaches me different stuff.

IMC: When did you start busking?
Josh: I started busking a few years ago but stopped then started again a month or so ago. I started because I wanted to do something I enjoy!
Martin: I’ve only been doing it for about 6 weeks!

IMC: What is your day job?
Martin: I’m at Uni at the moment so I just do gigs at the weekends for money.
Josh: Same!

IMC: Where do you usually busk?
Martin: We go all over the place; Kingston, Guildford, Reading, London and we’re going to start doing more. We’re going to Amsterdam in April to busk out there which should be fun!

IMC: How did you meet each other?
Josh: We met at Uni and play in an alternative rock band called Massmatiks.

IMC: What are your musical hopes for the future?
Josh: To be a successful musician!
Martin: I’d like to be able to support myself financially purely from music one day.

FACEBOOK: Guilford Bucket Drummers

Words: Caroline Simionescu-Marin