Vanity Fair Names Jaden & Willow Smith ‘Next Wave of Hollywood Stars’

Vanity Fair Names Jaden & Willow Smith ‘Next Wave of Hollywood Stars’


Words: Raeven T. Bostic


Jaden and Willow Smith are the next big thing [if they weren’t already] according to Vanity Fair. The sibling duo are part of a group of 23 young stars the magazine has named, “Hollywood’s Next Wave.” Although the two are known for their acting, rapping and singing, they consistently make headlines just for being them.

In the photo shoot for the issue, a blonde Willow serves face in a fitted,  maroon tuxedo dress and Doc Marten boots, while older brother Jaden gives us his signature wrinkled forehead pose in jeans and leather jacket.

The pair also revealed some fun facts about themselves, including Jaden’s  dislike for jeans and Willow’s favorite Starbucks order.

Peep the highlights:


Hometown: Calabasas,  California.

Age: 13.

Big break: I  Am  Legend.

Twitter or Instagram: Twitter.

Favorite shoes: Dr. Martens.

Favorite  movie to watch with parents: “Feminist  documentaries.”

Starbucks order: Cotton-candy Frappuccino  with extra whipped cream.

Dream car: Matte forest-green  Jeep.


Hometown: Calabasas, California.

Age: 16.

Previously seen in: The Karate  Kid.

Up next: The Karate Kid 2, with Jackie  Chan.

Twitter or Instagram: “If I can stay off of both, I  will.”

Favorite movie to watch with parents: Mr.  Peabody & Sherman.

Last song downloaded: “Cool  Water,” by  Jaden Smith.

Favorite jeans: “I don’t like  jeans. I like  drop-crotch pants because jeans are restricting to my  legs.”

Get to know The Smith kids and Vanity Fair’s next wave of Hollywood stars below:

Vanity Fair’s 2014 New Wave Line Up:

Odeya Rush, Bella Thorne, Josh Wiggins, Dylan O’Brien, Dayo Okeniyi, Tye Sheridan, Jaden Smith, Willow Smith, Maika Monroe, Will Poulter, Olivia Cooke, Ben Schentzer, Lily James, Jack Kilmer, Eve Hewson, Britt Robertson, Zoey Deutch, Jack Reynor, Douglas Booth, Zoë Kravitz, Katie Chang, Liana Liberato, Sami Gayle.