X Factor Winner Louisa Johnson and her Success Conquests

X Factor Winner Louisa Johnson and her Success Conquests


1From Builders Daughter to Superstardom

Congratulations to Louisa Johnson as the youngest X Factor UK winner ever! Audiences have watched all season long as Johnson rose to the top of the ladder to victory, mentored by Rita Ora. She stunned fans with her amazing vocals performing her single, “Forever Young,” a remake of Bob Dylan’s. Along with her accrued success, Johnson will face many new conquests that arise with fame. The Essex girl who is set to make about $10million, let’s take a look at some of the some of the things.

Words: Rachel George

2Press & Paparazzi

As with any new celebrity, paparazzi are like stalkers. They will be watching her every move from her social media pages to catching snapshots of her around town. Johnson can expect to be photographed any and everywhere, from leaving out her front door to waiting in the drive thru line for food. They will catch her leaving rehearsal with no make up on. The paparazzi has so restrictions and will photograph and publish any and everything, no matter what it may do to your image. They are very persistent; they will look through her most personal postings on Twitter and even through the hundreds of comments on her Instagram. Johnson, get you a ball cap and some tinted windows. They will save your life.

3Music, Promo & Tours

Johnson has some big shoes to fill when it comes to album and record sales and tours. Simon Cowell called her “one of the best we’ve ever had” referring to contestants and winners of previous seasons of X Factor. The first winner, Steve Brookstein, sold 204,000 copies of his single “Against the Odds.” Season 2 winner Shayne Ward’s “That’s My Goal” had the fourth fastest selling UK single ever in 2005, reaching 1.1 million. All of his albums have reached Top 5 on the charts. Within the first week of her single release “Forever Young,” sales charted at #9, which is the worst in X Factor UK history. It is unlikely since all previous winners have reached number one with their debut single. Only time will tell if the momentum from her win will rise and push her to the top of the charts. Johnson also has a tour coming up at the end of January to promote her single. She hopes to tour like One Direction all over the country and sell out arenas, as Leona Lewis did with her 2010 Labyrinth Tour. It is claimed that Johnson could be bigger than 2006 winner Leona Lewis and her single will secure the Christmas top spot. Only time will tell if she can break records with her album sales and sold out tours. Johnson has already begun her promo tour in London making appearances at Topshop and other business. No word yet on any endorsements, but surely they will come.


Every success story has its fair share of scandals- adoptive families, leaked nude selfies and drugs. Frankie Cocozza of Season 8 was kicked off X Factor for using drugs and later had nude selfies leaked. One Direction was accused of lip-syncing during the competition in 2005. Louisa Johnson has already been exposed to several of her own scandals. A tweet she posted led fans to believe that her X Factor win was fixed. It read: ‘X Factor-winner Louisa Johnson’s new single is out now! Get the winner’s ‘Forever Young’ on iTunes now.’ It was posted just days before the announcement of the winner. The good ol tweet and delete. A source from the show said the tweet was created for advertisement, “This is a Twitter advert for the single – not a tweet posted by Louisa. It posts on certain people’s timelines – sure you’ve seen them before.’ Johnson has also been involved two-love triangles with her past and current beau. It is said that she upgraded after he career began to blossom. She’s quite the romantic or looks for whoever suits her best. Be careful, Johnson. Scandals are created overnight.

5Family & Fortune

Being a young teenager, Johnson has yet to begin her life and now she is being thrown into the spotlight. Fame and fortune have a price to pay when it comes to family. It can have a negative or positive affect on your life and the people around you. Anton Stephans from season 12 was exposed as a fake after allegedly lying about being adopted. His family members called him a fraud, suggesting he was never adopted and was raised by his mother. He was disappointed that his own family would fabricate stories about him. Johnson may not have to worry about this sort of family betrayal, at least not from her immediate family. Although her parents have been separated since she was three years old, they have remained close relationship with each other and Johnson. They have already expressed their worries about losing their daughter to the showbiz industry. She could take advice on how to deal from One Direction, who spent weeks away from their immediately after signing a record deal. Johnson hopes to be able to bring them on tour with her, which might be left up to the record label. Often times, especially on tours, family can be a distraction and possibly cloud one’s judgment.